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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/40%: You Don't Need All Of The Information To Take Action
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40%: You Don't Need All Of The Information To Take Action

When I decided I would start a public speaking business, I did what almost anyone would do: I went on Google and YouTube and read articles on speaking, watched videos on how to start speaking, and otherwise gathered information on what I needed to do.

Then I mentioned it to a couple people and stumbled upon some helpful info that pointed me in the right direction.

Then I took action. The rest is history in the making.

I read a book (or maybe it was a blog post) on leadership and the author said that a leader needs only about 40% of the information about something before taking definitive action on it. Then, that person can make adjustments along the way.

Will the leader always be correct in his actions? No. Can he change course and fix that? Of course. What happens to many people, though, is they analyze and think and ask questions and read more articles and make lists and talk about it to others... Then repeat the cycle every time they hear something new.

All the while, the leaders have taken action -- the most valuable teaching tool -- and are learning and growing while doing it.

You need only 40% of the information to take action is something you're thinking about.

When I talk to people about possible action-taking activities, I never cease to hear someone say "I was thinking about doing that". Why the hell are you thinking about it and not doing it? What's stopping you?

Most people, seriously, will die thinking about doing stuff that they never get around to doing. You need to ask yourself if you're one of them or not.

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