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Work On Your Game Content/leadership/You Read, It Bleeds: The Best Writings Carry The Same Principles
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You Read, It Bleeds: The Best Writings Carry The Same Principles

I've read books written by people of all walks of life -- from motivational speakers, to rappers, to athletic trainers, to by-trade authors -- and the most lasting principles, coincidentally, all connect. Success principles, even when explained differently, as they will be by different people, all have the same core traits. They bleed into one another.

The most common topic where I recognize this bleeding is on leadership, but the same relationships can be traced in competition, discipline, relationships, communication, and more.

Tim Grover and Robert Greene and John Maxwell and 50 Cent and Baltasar Gracian all agree on many leadership topics. Anthony Robbins and Harv Eker mirror each other on money issues. Ryan Holiday and Russell Simmons would find common ground on topics of needs and wants.

Good and purposeful thought and the principles of success (however you choose to measure it) are all over the place in books. They're cheap investments that are guaranteed to turn a profit.

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