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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#399: Motivate Yourself: Using The Superhero Effect
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#399: Motivate Yourself: Using The Superhero Effect

I played intramural basketball as a senior in college.

Not because I wasn’t good enough to be on the regular basketball team. That’s far from it. I had gotten kicked off of the team by the new coach, a guy who had not recruited me to Penn State Altoona. Not wanting to swallow my pride and come crawling back to the team as a senior, I decided to just work on my game that year, play into mirrors, and try my hand at The pros after graduation.

In that intramural league, crowds would come just to see me play. Even my friends were still on the basketball team came to the games and tip stats. Girls lined up on the sidelines to see my games.

Why? Because they knew I would kick ass in that league.

And that’s just what I did.

In the championship game, our opponent came out ready to play. They were motivated, confident, and determined to not let Dre win the intramural championship. In my three years at Altoona, every team featuring former basketball team players had lost in the playoffs or championship of intramurals I was the one to finally break the basketball team curse.

Those opponents started strong in the championship game, while my teammates made some bad plays and missed open shots. Some hecklers on the sideline were cheering to see me lose as well. I was not having any of that.

I drew a shooting foul early on, and was headed to the farm when I yelled out to my teammates, for everyone in the gym to hear, “give me the ball EVERY TIME!”

I then proceeded to air-ball my first free-throw. The crowd loved that.

We did win the game in the championship though, behind my game high 35 points. We got the big fake cardboard check and all.

In that intramural season, my number one goal was to completely DOMINATE. I would score the most points, grab the most rebounds, I have the most assists, and make sure my will was exerted on every player who stepped on the court in Adler Gymnasium.

My plan was to be the superhero. And I was going to force it to work, if it didn’t work on its own.

It worked.

Today’s show is about that superhero syndrome that we all have it sometimes, especially if you’re an ambitious hard driver like I am.

It’s about getting things done when it seems nothing can be done. It’s about forcing your way even when things aren’t going your way. It’s about knowing it’s not OK to come up short because it’s “not a big deal.” To the superhero, EVERYTHING is a big deal.

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