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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#38: Do You Even Need College These Days? Yes And No [WOYG Podcast]
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#38: Do You Even Need College These Days? Yes And No [WOYG Podcast]

College is under fire right now. Too expensive, not worth the price, a scam, a bubble. Some of these, depending on how you see it, can be true. But not all of them, and not always. There are definite benefits to attending college, which Dre Baldwin explains:

1) Learning how to respect authority and follow instructions

2) Social integration – meeting people and building connections

3) Time management and making time work for you when you have a lot of your plate.

BUT, there are some drawbacks when it comes to university, which Dre expertly address also.

1) Outdated information in overpriced textbooks

2) Under-qualified and unqualified teachers who have ZERO real life experience in the subjects they teach

3) The cost is not worth the return on your investment. You pay more than you get!

Dre also shares what he would do if coming to college age now, and his advice for his nonexistent child on what to do when faced with the college choice TODAY.

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