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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#341: It’s Your JOB to Understand and Figure It Out
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#341: It’s Your JOB to Understand and Figure It Out

In school, the kids who learned slowly had to be accommodated. The teacher would stop and give those kids individual attention and help, making sure everyone was caught up - or at least claiming to be - before continuing.

Some of the other kids would get annoyed at the slow learners or ridicule them for not catching on like the rest of the class. Either way, the rules were the rules: everyone had to be on the same page, learning what was taught, before we could proceed.

Real life ain't like school.

In the real world, when you're slow to learn, hesitant to adapt and change, no one comes to get you. You get left right where you stand. And if you wither away and die there, oh well.

Today, learn a harsh reality of life - and how to use it to your advantage.


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