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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/3 Ways Your Height Can Hurt You In Life
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3 Ways Your Height Can Hurt You In Life

Basketball is, seemingly, a game for people who are tall.

Well, not seemingly. It is. 7-foot people tend to have opportunities aplenty in hoops, while some shorter players cite their lack of height as a detriment to their careers. Shaquille O'Neal and Diana Taurasi and Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell and Michael Jordan and Britney Griner and LeBron James and hell, even Stephen Curry are all much taller than the average male or female.

This makes sense, after all. The goal of the game of basketball is to put the ball in the basket, which stands 10 feet high. The closer you naturally are to the hoop, the better your chances of accomplishing the goal of the game, presumably.

And we all know there are exceptions: tall people who aren't good at basketball, and short people who thrive despite this supposed deficiency. The fact is, there are some areas of life in which being short will hurt you. Let's count a few of them:

Dating. Name, when you lie abut your height and get exposed when you actually, you know, meet the girl. Every single female I've ever asked abut their online dating experiences has confirmed that this happened to her at least once. So, being short can hurt here -- IF you lie about being 6'2" when your actually 5'9".
Modeling. Some forms of modeling have height requirements where you can go be too short and even too tall. So, short people, tall people have problems too.
Amusement parks. Too short? Stay with mommy while we get on this roller coater, son. Weight can be an issue at parks too - one of my best friends is 6'5" and over 250lbs, and at this park in West Palm Beach, one of their emplyess stopped us and asked to weigh my friend to see if he was eligible to ride the park's rides (Luckily, he was OK'd by the staff). There's a website dedicated to height requirements at amusement parks to help you out.

Baksetball is not necessarily one of these life areas. The reasons:

Many "short" players have proven to be capable of playing at high levels. So you cannot say it has never been done.
Your basketball game can be improved and polished as much as you wish to do so. Your height cannot be altered from what it is, at least not purposefully.

If your coach cut you at tryouts, citing your height as a reason, get better. If your game was better, your height would cease to be the issue.

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