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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/3 Tips for Getting People On Your Bandwagon Now
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3 Tips for Getting People On Your Bandwagon Now

It would be great to have one of those, right? Everyone rushing to be involved, to buy, to associate themselves somehow, someway with your movement. How can you get one started?
Do something you're good at. People jump on bandwagons that are having success and winning. You will never win by doing something you're mediocre at -- you'll have no energy, won't fight through the tough times, and your work will not resonate due to your weak energy. Start with what you're good at.
Tell people how to get on. Give them directives. Follow this. Buy this. Read that. Despite the rush of people talking about being entrepreneurs and "doing [their] own thing," people are still yearning to be told what to do. Fill that need.
Keep driving. No one runs after a car that's not moving. The fact that we might miss it is what makes bandwagon-jumping exciting. Make sure you keep doing newer and better things.

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