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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/3 Skills That Will Produce Endless Opportunities for You
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3 Skills That Will Produce Endless Opportunities for You

No one ever died from having too much opportunity. Here are 3 skills that will create them endlessly for you, and why. 

Ability to sell. Every business sells something. Every employee sells his way into the job. Every boyfriend sells himself to the partner. Every time something is traded for something else - time, money, energy, attention - a sale happens. Your willingness to try + your ability to make it happen will make you wanted always. 

Creating value. Value = giving people something they want. Doesn't matter the price. If you can provide people what they want in life, you will be in demand. And you don't have to be the owner or creator of the value. You can use someone else's (as in affiliate sales or working at a car dealership). Some people want time. Some want money. Some want knowledge. Some want to be humored, fed, massaged, inspired, made to feel important. And they have to know you have it. 

Energy to do #1 & #2. if you have energy and can't sell and have no value to offer, you're a madman. A tired, depressed salesperson goes hungry. A great salesperson who has the energy but nothing of value to offer may start selling some crap to make a buck. That's a short game. 

You need all 3 of these to get the result of endless opportunity. My upcoming Branding & Sales course will take you through these steps in detail. 

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