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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/3 Lists to Keep Close To You
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3 Lists to Keep Close To You

Lists. There are lots e can have; these are 3 you need to have nearby at all times. Why? You'll see and agree as you read on.

100 Things You're Thankful For. You know the Law of Magnetism: whatever you're thinking about and focusing on, you'll create and draw to you. You need a list of things you're thankful for to keep your mind on gratitude (I already have it), NOT on neediness (I don't have it). Thee can be small things like the weather in your hometown, mom's cooking, or your ability to read. There is nothing in life too small to be thankful for. Ever.
100 Personal Accomplishments. What have you done in liv ether you're proud of? Again, the Law of Magnetism works for (I am happy to have done this) or against (I still have not done this!) you. There is nothing too small -- house training your dog, running 2 miles this week. The point is to get your mind focused on success and achievement.

Your Visions And Goals For Life. Where do you see yourself going? Who will you be? What will you do in order to make all of this a reality? State these in the present tense as if they've already occurred, not the future tense of I will (because your mind will always be about-to if stated this way).

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