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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2755: You Get ONE Sentence When You Die
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#2755: You Get ONE Sentence When You Die

In today’s masterclass, we dive into a monthly alumni email that got me thinking about life's brevity. It's all about that "In Memoriam" section where they sum up someone's entire life in one sentence. You know, "John Doe, graduated '80, passed away on April 27." It's a reminder that we all get just one sentence in the end. I connect this to your life — how, when you're gone, it's the headlines that matter, not the details. The longer you're gone, the shorter those headlines get.

Life goes on, and the urgency here is about making the most of the time you've got. Two mindsets: fatalistic or urgent and excited. Choose the latter; it's more fun. And, hey, don't live in fear — switch to offense. Focus on creating opportunities rather than just reacting to life. It's a short one today, but it's a wake-up call. Choose urgency, focus on headlines, and play offense in this game of life.

Show notes:
[08:01]#1 The more time that has passed after you die, the less details of your life will matter.
[13:27]#2 Two mindsets: fatalistic or urgent and excited.
[20:20]#3 Put yourself in an offensive mindset rather than defensive mindset.


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