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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2747: Old ≠ Bad, New ≠ Better
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#2747: Old ≠ Bad, New ≠ Better

In today's class, we're diving into a timeless topic: "Old is not bad, and new is not necessarily better." While initially, I thought this would resonate more with the younger crowd, it turns out these insights apply to everyone, regardless of age. We all find ourselves chasing bright, shiny objects just because they're new, thanks to what I call "Shiny Information Syndrome." But not everything old is obsolete. Some traditions and principles withstand the test of time. In fact, we should be cautious about discarding the old in pursuit of the new.

I will share why it's essential to evaluate what truly stands the test of time and why certain principles are worth preserving. Remember, not everything new is an improvement, and not everything old should be dismissed. Let's dive into the nuances of navigating the old versus new dynamics.

Show notes:
[08:16]#1 Some traditions can be outdated and need a facelift.
[23:16]#2 Newer is not necessarily better.
[31:36]#3 The discipline is mining your old stuff for unrealized opportunities.

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