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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2740: Confidence Vs. Courage
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#2740: Confidence Vs. Courage

In today's masterclass, we're diving deep into the crucial distinction between confidence and courage. Confidence, anchored in past experiences, is your go-to for using known skills. I can't stress enough how vital it is, especially in boosting self-esteem. Now, courage, that's a different ball game. It's what you need when facing uncertainty and stepping into the unknown. I've got some real-life examples from public speaking and even my time in the boxing ring to show you how discomfort is part of the courage package. Remember, don't go hunting for confidence when courage is the call. That uneasiness? It's a sign you're growing. So, let's all embrace courage for that personal development and success journey.

Show notes:
[05:48]#1 Confidence is about your known past.
[15:04]#2 Courage is about your uncertain future.
[22:49]#3 Do not seek confidence where you actually need courage.


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