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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2730: Knocking Down Your "Big Dominoes"
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#2730: Knocking Down Your "Big Dominoes"

In this class, we're talking about identifying and tackling the big dominoes in your life. Think of big dominoes as the important tasks that, when completed, make everything else easier. The problem? Big dominoes are usually tough and uncomfortable. So, people often stick to smaller, easier tasks to feel productive. But here's the deal: big dominoes aren't easy, but they have a big impact, they require stepping out of your comfort zone, tackling big dominoes leads to big jumps in life. It's about changing habits, not just having knowledge or resources.

So, don't be afraid to step up and tackle those big dominoes. It's the key to real progress.

Show notes:
[06:04] #1 Big dominoes are not easy or convenient to deal with.
[10:56] #2 Big dominoes, when addressed, take you out of your normal mode of operation, also known as your comfort zone.
[17:24] #3 The big dominoes are how the big jumps in your life occur.
[22:45] Recap

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