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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2675: How To Combine Emotion + Logic For Persuasion & Influence
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#2675: How To Combine Emotion + Logic For Persuasion & Influence

Emotions have a persuasive edge, compelling us to act, even irrationally. We've all experienced this. Conversely, logic stands up to scrutiny and questioning, requiring a rational foundation. When emotions subside, logic becomes essential to revisit and validate decisions.

In this masterclass, we explore why it's crucial to harness both logic and emotion in today's connected world. This balance is crucial, especially in sales and marketing, where persuasion is key.

So, whether you're influencing others or making decisions yourself, remember the power of blending logic and emotion for success in our connected world.

Show notes:
[08:11] #1 Emotion can persuade anyone to anything.
[14:21] #2 Logic must stand up to scrutiny and questioning.
[20:14] #3 The rush of emotion is very strong, can go very high, it also wears off and crashes just as quickly as it arrives.
[26:38] Recap

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