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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2663: How To Get Funding For Your Business
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#2663: How To Get Funding For Your Business

Today, we're tackling a common entrepreneur question: how to fund your business. But remember, funding isn't a magic fix. It's about proving your worth through sales, showing revenue, and creating momentum. Don't just ask for money – show what you're capable of. If funds are tight, start by paying yourself from your job, creating your own funding. And when it comes to investors, they're drawn to businesses already making waves. Bottom line: results talk louder than plans.

Show notes:
[08:39] #1 Go fucking sell something.
[16:13] #2 Keep your day job and start paying yourself first.
[24:07] #3 Find people who have money but no ideas.
[29:00] Recap

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