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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2659: How Adaptable Are You?
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#2659: How Adaptable Are You?

Being adaptable means adjusting to new conditions. Just like animals thrive in the wild by adapting, so do successful people in life and business.

Today, we're tackling adaptability – adjusting to change. First, let go of outdated ideas. Adaptability means embracing fresh ideas that work. Next, be quick to adjust to changing circumstances. Change is constant, so stay nimble. Lastly, stay informed. Ignorance comes at a cost. Commit resources to staying up-to-date, follow 'Mavens' who know their stuff.

Stay adaptable, stay ahead. Until next time!

Show notes:
[07:52] #1 What old ideas and beliefs are you still holding on to?
[14:32] #2 How quickly are you adjusting to changing circumstances?
[18:50] #3 How much of your resources are you committing to finding out what's coming next?
[25:16] Recap

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