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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2656: 25 False Money Beliefs That Are Keeping You Broke [Part 8 of 8]
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#2656: 25 False Money Beliefs That Are Keeping You Broke [Part 8 of 8]

Alright, everyone, we're wrapping up this series on the 25 false beliefs keeping you broke. To turn things around, remember, knowing isn't enough—you've got to apply these truths. No more excuses or waiting for the perfect time. Shift that mindset. Don't let these false beliefs tie you down. You've got the power to change your financial path—starting with paying yourself first.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Start now, even if it's uncomfortable. Winners embrace discomfort; it's a sign of growth. So, are you ready to challenge those beliefs, take charge of your finances, and create your dream life?

Excuses hold you back—time to act. Step up, change your mindset, and take control. Your financial future is in your hands. Let's make it happen!

Show notes:
[08:13] #22 “I have to pay off all of my debt before making any other financial moves.”
[16:09] #23 “Where I'm from, nobody gets rich or has money.”
[20:00] #24 "I'll focus on money when I have more money."
[30:52] #25 "I don't have the right connections or relationships."
[34:38] Recap

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