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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2627: How To Make Your Marketing Work For You
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#2627: How To Make Your Marketing Work For You

Marketing plays a vital role in any business venture, regardless of whether you are seeking employment, currently employed, running your own business, or operating as a solopreneur or entrepreneur. It's the key to letting the world know about your existence and the value you offer. In a previous episode, we discussed how sales and marketing complement each other, and today we'll focus on making your marketing efforts truly successful.

Get ready to master the art of marketing with comprehensive training and coaching, and learn how to make your marketing efforts truly effective.

Show notes:
[8:15] #1 The right message to the right audience.
[15:29] #2 Repetition and consistency.
[22:10] #3 Focus on attracting your ideal people.
[26:49] #4 Multiple mediums.
[29:45] Recap

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