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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2618: Dre Answers Text Questions [Part 6 of 6]
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#2618: Dre Answers Text Questions [Part 6 of 6]

Today we are on the final part. This will be part six of me answering questions from my texting community, and we're going to fit these all in.

Everybody who sent their questions in, I appreciate you.

Show notes:
[7:32]#34 David said, “Can somebody like me that is in rehab earn serious money online?”
[12:05]#35 Brian asks me, “What's a good way to avoid self-defeating thoughts?”
[14:16]#36 Kobe asks, “Has your ego ever gotten in the way of your success?”
[16:42]#37 Marilyn asks, “Where do you start if you haven't begun but know there is something you're supposed to do?”
[18:56]#38 Ed said, “Would it make sense to focus on those strengths instead of getting a nine to five job?”
[25:16]#39 Blake asks, “How do you mentally prepare for big events?”
[27:30]#40 Luis asks, “If you're starting a new company, you don't feel comfortable doing a service or selling the offer. How would you fix it?”
[30:09]#41 Blake asks, “How do you build when I'm at zero and just getting started?”

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