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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2609: Stop Taking Half-Measures
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#2609: Stop Taking Half-Measures

Today's topic is about the importance of avoiding half measures. A half measure refers to an imperfect plan or effort that is inadequate to achieve the desired outcome. In a performance and results-based business, the ability to produce results determines the success and sustainability of your business.

When you take half measures, you may be taking action, which is commendable, but the problem arises when that action does not lead you towards the intended outcome. The actions you take are inadequate and fail to deliver the desired results. In this class, we will explore why it is crucial to stop taking inadequate action and how to identify when you are doing so.

If you have been grappling with this issue, it's time to pay attention. Grab a pen and paper to take notes as we dive into this topic further.

Show notes:
[10:50] #1 Half measures lead to half outcomes.
[20:04] #2 A job that is half done is not completed.
[24:10] #3 When a job is half done, someone else could come along, complete the job that you didn't complete, and then they take credit for all the work.
[28:32] Recap

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