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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2595: Keys To Productivity [Part 1 of 4]
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#2595: Keys To Productivity [Part 1 of 4]

Once you grasp the concept of being effective according to your own goals, striving for productivity becomes a beneficial approach. However, if you are unsure about what being effective entails or what your specific goals are, you should avoid pursuing productivity solely for the sake of being productive. This is a common pitfall that some people, particularly entrepreneurs, fall into, especially when they lack someone to provide feedback or evaluate their work.

Let's now get into the first part of a four part series about the keys to productivity. Over the course of the next three episodes of this show, we will explore the keys to productivity.

Show notes:
[08:59] #1 Pay less attention to what other people are doing.
[14:28] #2 The same things the same way every time.
[27:00] #3 Set routines and allow nothing to break them.
[2947] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1193: Focus: The Force Multiplier
2013: The SAME Things, The SAME Way, EVERY Time
1925: Do Your Homework!

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