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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2593: How To Turn Liabilities To Assets
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#2593: How To Turn Liabilities To Assets

Imagine if you could take things that currently drain your resources, hinder your progress, and transform them into assets that support and propel you forward. Wouldn't that be beneficial for you? Wouldn't it make you a more productive, effective, happy, and successful individual? If you possessed such a skill, it would greatly impact your life.

Today's topic is how to transform liabilities into assets. Let's delve into the concept of transforming what is currently costing you into something that benefits you, allowing for growth and multiplication.

Show notes:
[08:35] #1 Reposition.
[14:48] #2 Delete.
[19:22] #3 Play a different game.
[26:50] Recap

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