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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2588: Where Entrepreneurs Waste Time (And Why)
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#2588: Where Entrepreneurs Waste Time (And Why)

One significant difference between entrepreneurs and employees is that entrepreneurs have complete control over their time and how they utilize it. They have the final say in how their time is spent and what they prioritize. However, through my conversations and coaching sessions with numerous entrepreneurs, I've observed that many of them waste a considerable amount of time engaging in meaningless activities and distractions. Today, I will highlight some of these unproductive behaviors, although this list is not exhaustive.

My intention is to point out the most significant examples of time-wasting activities, in hopes of helping you make adjustments and eliminate these practices that are costing you your most valuable resource: time. So once again, today's topic revolves around how and why entrepreneurs waste time.

Show notes:
[11:29] #1 Protection.
[22:12] #2 Getting official.
[27:28] #3 Chores and maintenance work.
[31:31] Recap

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