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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2586: Addition By Subtraction
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#2586: Addition By Subtraction

Let's dive into today's masterclass topic: "Addition by Subtraction." It's all about enhancing your progress, improvement, and momentum by focusing on fewer commitments and prioritizing them. Does that sound good to you? Excellent! Because that's precisely what we're going to discuss.

Show notes:
[10:43] #1 Identify your big dominoes or your big domino.
[17:49] #2 Apply addition by subtraction idea to your mindset the same way you apply it to your work.
[22:56] #3 There are some things that we have accustomed ourselves to doing despite disliking them and lacking proficiency, without yielding desired results. Now, here's a question you should ask yourself. Do you really need to be doing it?
[24:37]  Recap

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