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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2585: Must All Motivation Be "Positive"?
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#2585: Must All Motivation Be "Positive"?

As the sender of daily motivation texts to my text community, I occasionally include messages that may be considered harsh or hard-hitting, more cutting than others. When I receive responses from recipients stating that a message is too hard or a bit of a face-slap, it makes me reflect. For instance, one of the messages I sent read, "Work harder is not the answer to your problems." Another one was, "Name one high-level professional who doesn't have a coach or a trainer. There is not one." I also sent a message stating, "If you think you're 'not a salesperson,' you are wrong. You're just a bad salesperson." While these may not sound like traditional motivation, it's important to understand that motivational messages, whether from me or anyone else, don't necessarily have to be positive, uplifting, or inspiring.

In this masterclass, I aim to address why these messages may not always conform to expectations and shed light on the nature of motivation itself.

Show notes:
[11:23] #1 Motivation does not need to be positive.
[16:45] #2 People who need all their “motivational messages” to be ”positive” are the exact people who need to be kicked swiftly in their ass.
[22:04] #3 Life is a performance and a results based business.
[25:33] Recap

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