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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2584: Why I Don't Have Guests On This Podcast
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#2584: Why I Don't Have Guests On This Podcast

Let's discuss why I don't have guests on this podcast. Although the show has been running for over seven years with 2,584 episodes, I've only had around seven guests. Contrary to popular belief, I enjoy interviewing people and have great questions prepared for different individuals. While I plan on doing more interviews in the future, I haven't decided on the platform yet. It could be YouTube, Clubhouse, or other platforms. Stay tuned for updates. Let's get into it.

Show Notes:
[13:45] #1 I am the most qualified person to explain the topics on the show better than any potential guest.
[16:30] #2 The audience prefers the solo format.
[19:31] #3 Having guests on the show adds complexity.
[24:20] #4 When you have guests on your show, you get a lot of unsolicited requests.
[30:27] Recap

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