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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2578: Fix The Skill – Or The Opportunity?
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#2578: Fix The Skill – Or The Opportunity?

Can we all agree that when we assess our situation and acknowledge that things are not going as planned, our actions at that moment determine whether we will achieve success or face stagnation and failure in the future? Okay, because none of us are perfect, we have all experienced situations where things didn't go as intended. The real question is not whether such situations arise, but rather, what actions do we take when faced with them? The adjustments we make or choose not to make ultimately determine our level of success. Is everyone following me? Great. Let's delve into it.

Today's topic is "Fixing the Skill or Fixing the Opportunity." This episode revolves around gaining insight and understanding the necessary adjustments and changes to be made when things are not going as desired in any aspect of your life, business, or anywhere in between. The adjustments we make when we realize things are not going according to our plans are crucial for our future success.

Show notes:
[6:45] #1 Most people focus on getting better at a skill and that's often not what you need to adjust.
[17:07] #2 The best way to multiply your results is to fix the opportunities.
[20:44] #3 This requires you to mentally and emotionally accept that your current idea, your current process, may not be your best idea.
[24:43]  Recap

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