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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2566: How To Differentiate Yourself In The Market
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#2566: How To Differentiate Yourself In The Market

Whatever your aspirations, whether it's a product, service, creation, or promotion, chances are you're not entering a completely untapped market; there will be competition. So, you have to figure out a way to differentiate yourself.

Today's topic is how to differentiate yourself in the market. Avoid being commoditized by ensuring that your product or service stands out, as opposed to being perceived as indistinguishable from others, ultimately driving down its value and price. Instead, strive to be the preferred and unique choice, offering distinct value to customers.

Let's get into it!

Show notes:
[9:47] #1 What can you say that they can't say?
[15:34] #2 Turn their weaknesses into your strengths.
[19:41] #3 Opportunities are in the opposites.
[22:23] Recap

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