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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2556: Money Mistakes In Selling
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#2556: Money Mistakes In Selling

In this masterclass, we explore money mistakes in selling.

Mistake one: selling to price-conscious people instead of value-conscious ones. Mistake two: pricing based on others, blending into the crowd. Mistake three: engaging with those who can't afford our offerings. Mistake four: a poor money mindset infecting our business. Let's address these errors and transform our approach for success.

Show Notes:
[08:28] #1 Selling to people who buy by price or consider price.
[15:14] #2 Pricing based on everyone else's price.
[17:21] #3 Continuing to attract and engage with people who cannot afford to pay you.
[21:18] #4 You have a poor money mindset.
[24:33] Recap

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