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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2527: Your REAL Job As A Salesperson
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#2527: Your REAL Job As A Salesperson

Selling is not just about pushing products or services onto potential customers. It requires understanding and helping people to overcome their mental barriers and take action towards their goals.

In this class, I’ll talk about the real job of a salesperson and how to achieve success in high-ticket selling. We will delve into the challenges of overcoming subconscious programming and provide insights into improving communication, influence, persuasion, and rapport building.

If you're looking to improve your sales strategies, this episode offers valuable tips and encouragement to take action. Listen now!

Show Notes:
[6:26] #1 In a nutshell, your job in sales is to get your prospect to do what they already know they want to do.
[12:34] #2 Challenge is when you are selling something, usually when it's a high ticket, people's subconscious programming comes into play.
[17:02] #3 As a salesperson you have to get people to follow through and do what they signed up to do.
[19:51] #4 Study the following skills: communication, brevity, influence, persuasion, rapport, building, subconscious mind, and unconscious belief systems.
[22:32] Recap

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