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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2524: Your Success Is Not "God's Plan"
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#2524: Your Success Is Not "God's Plan"

Success is a desirable outcome for most people, yet many struggle to achieve it. Some may attribute their lack of success to external factors such as bad luck, a lack of resources, or God's plan.

Today’s class I’ll discuss the idea of God's plan that is often used as an excuse to avoid taking personal responsibility for one's outcomes. We will analyze the counterpoints about God's plan and how individuals can take control of their lives to make things happen.

Tune in now!

Show notes:
[7:22] #1 Calling the outcome that you wish to achieve as God's plan.
[13:27] #2 God does not give a damn about your success and losses.
[19:23] #3 God watches the winners and losers equally.
[23:41] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
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