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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2506: Every Establishment System is Fear-Based
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#2506: Every Establishment System is Fear-Based

Are you aware that every establishment system is fear-based?

In today’s masterclass, we’ll delve into the topic of why every establishment system is fear-based and why people continue to comply with these systems despite disagreeing with their protocols. I believe that courage, relationships, knowledge, and time are crucial intangible assets that can help anyone fight against fear-based establishment systems.

Are you ready to be creative, resourceful, and courageous? Tune in now!

Show Notes:
[6:38] #1 Think about what they all do when you violate their protocols.
[14:38] #2 Many people agree with this point while still blindly complying with it.
[17:42] #3 To fight against fear-based establishment systems, you need courage, relationships, knowledge, and time.
[22:33] Recap

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