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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2500: Why You Should Be Happy When Someone Challenges Your Ideas
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#2500: Why You Should Be Happy When Someone Challenges Your Ideas

As a thought leader, it's normal to have people challenge your opinions. Some may be negative or disrespectful but others may present legitimate challenges that you can respond to.

Today’s topic, I’ll discuss why it's important to be happy when people question your points. I’ll offer three reasons why you should be happy when challenged.

Being open to new information and different perspectives is crucial for personal growth and preventing disorder. Tune in now!

Show Notes:
[06:42] #1 When somebody's questioning you it’s an opportunity for you to solidify your argument.
[11:05] #2 You may be challenged to come up with a more solid or better explanation or justification.
[14:48] #3 Your ideas may not be as strong or as well thought as you thought they were.
[24:01] Recap

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