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Work On Your Game Content/work on your game/250 Pages Of Work On Your Game Philosophy 📕
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250 Pages Of Work On Your Game Philosophy 📕

"Learn how to make your GAME work for you!"

You're In The Game, And You're Playing Hard. But Are You Playing Smart?!

Do You Want To Turn Self-Belief In Real-Life, Tangible Success?

Do You Want To Beat The Odds And Inspire Not Only Yourself, But Everyone Who Sees Your Results?

Would You Like To Have An Effective, Proven Process For Turning Nothing Into Something?
The Example You Set Has The Potential To Change Someone’s Life.
When everyone and everything was telling me to give up on my pro basketball goals, I got focused and met the challenges head-on. In the end, I achieved my goals -- and in this book, I share all the secrets to how I did it,

These secrets will work for you in any area of life -- but only if you apply what you learn and make it real. I'll show you how.

Work On Your Game will help you identify your passion and get excited about life…
Work On Your Game will help you find your inner drive and inspire others…
Work On Your Game will help you bring more energy to your days and become a true leader…

How Much Time You Need to Put in Daily [pg. 22]
​Maximizing Your Confidence [pg. 53]
Dealing With Haters & Naysayers [pg. 51]
Using Pain as Motivation [pg. 48]
Believing in Yourself [pg. 58]
Why You Should Stop Seeking Approval [pg. 70]
Becoming an Opportunist [pg. 105]
​Making Habits Work for You [pg. 8]
​The Vending Machine of Success [pg. 13]
​How to "Make It" Instead of "Fake It" [pg. 43]
​How to Listen to Yourself [pg. 75]
How to Keep Moving Past Obstacles [pg. 104]
Getting in "The Zone" [pg. 71]
How to Stop Seeking Approval [pg. 70]
How to Sell Yourself [pg. 147]
Bad Mental Errors that We All Make [pg. 193]
Eliminate Performance Anxiety [pg. 59]
Becoming a Go-Getter [pg. 125]
Cardio for The Mind [pg. 1]
​Don't Live by The Book [pg. 223]
​Being a Story or A Statistic [pg. 101]
​Being Open to Opportunity [pg. 126]

Get your hardcover copy of Work On Your Game: Use The Pro Athlete Mindset To Dominate Your Game In Business, Sports, and Life here:

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