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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2498: How To Handle Getting TRASHED On The Internet
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#2498: How To Handle Getting TRASHED On The Internet

In this masterclass, I’ll discuss how to handle negative attention on the internet. Note that this attention can come from being a well-known individual or from something going viral and exposing a large number of people to one's content at once.

One should not engage in arguing or defending oneself, but instead focus on positive actions and moving forward. The key to handling negativity is to maintain a strong sense of self-worth and not let others define one's self-image. Tune in now!

Show notes:
[9:12] #1 It is not about you, when you are being attacked on the internet by random people.
[13:09] #2 Why would somebody make a nasty comment about you for no other reason?
[18:40] #3 All the cliches that you have ever heard about negative energy, most of them are true.
[23:08] Recap

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