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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2488: Doing What's Easy Vs. Doing What Works
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#2488: Doing What's Easy Vs. Doing What Works

In this episode, I’ll discuss the difference between doing what's easy vs. doing what works.

It's natural to gravitate towards activities that help us relax, but achieving our goals often requires focus and hard work. That's why it's essential to have clear, written goals to keep us on track.

When it comes to big goals, there's often less competition than you might think. Working with someone who knows how to get results faster and more efficiently can make all the difference

Start taking action now to achieve the results you want.

Show notes:
[7:25] #1 Things that are easy to do require less effort.
[10:03] #2 Harder goals have less competition because fewer people pursue them
[14:51] #3 Once we learn to do something correctly, it takes less effort to repeat it.
[17:34] Recap

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