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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2457: Identifying Toxic Femininity
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#2457: Identifying Toxic Femininity

Toxic femininity is not necessarily about women. All humans have a little bit of feminine and masculine in them that can be toxic.

Today’s topic is about identifying toxic femininity. We will talk about where toxic femininity comes from, what this is about, and how you can catch either yourself or others in their toxic femininity.

The toxic femininity will hold you back from the success that you could get. Listen to what's being presented to you because it will help you do good even though it may not help you feel good.

Show Notes:
[5:02] #1 Toxic femininity is not an exclusive domain for females.
[7:07] #2 You have a problem with logical objective truth that challenges your feelings and emotions.
[13:42] #3 Your feelings matter more than facts.
[22:59] #4 Heavy use of what we call sign language.
[30:26] Recap

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