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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2455: Entrepreneurship: More About The Stomach Than The Head
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#2455: Entrepreneurship: More About The Stomach Than The Head

In school, there was often a clear right answer, and there was a way to get straight A's or get 100 on a test, but life doesn't work that way.

The topic for today in entrepreneurship is more about your stomach than about your head. Being the person in charge of the decision-making in your journey as an entrepreneur, understand that a lot of the things you will be doing will be about your ability to handle risk, uncertainty, and randomness.

This is more about your ability to handle them than your intelligence, especially when you have to make a decision.

You better listen now!

Show notes:
[04:45] # 1 Uncertainty is the name of this game.
[09:49] #2 Those willing to take on the most risk and responsibility have the potential for the highest reward and thus, the highest profitability.
[14:12] #3 Remember that the leader in any group is the person who can stay calm when the situation is anything but calm.
[16:44] #4 Recap

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