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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2450: The 5 Levels Of The Game
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#2450: The 5 Levels Of The Game

What are the most important areas in your life right now? And, what level are you in each of those?

In this masterclass, I will talk about the five levels of the game. Understand that you are at a different level in every aspect of your life and can’t focus on everything simultaneously. Figure out the important areas in your life because that’s where you will get the highest ROI.

Tune in now and start getting clear about where you’re at, so that you can get to where you are going!

Show Notes:
[4:51] #1 First level is being a fan.
[10:10} #2 Level 2 is a hobbyist.
[13:36] #3 Level three is a job.
[17:37] #4 Level four is the level of professionals.
[20:21] #5 Level five is the expert.
[24:29] Recap

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