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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2426: Your Business Is About Relationships – Not “Stuff”
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#2426: Your Business Is About Relationships – Not “Stuff”

Information and physical products of your business is easy to achieve but the relationship you will build around your business isn't.

Today’s topic is for all the business owners out there, to make sure that they value the people around them and not just the “stuff” they have. After all, your business is about relationships - not “stuff”.

It is very important to keep people beside you that have the same vision as yours! Listen now!

Show notes:
[06:06] #1 Information has and will continue to be commoditized.
[08:01] #2 People stick to material where they feel there's a connection between them and the people who present it.
[12:43] #3 What will allow you to continually connect with people in a way that they feel they know you?
[15:42] Recap

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