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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2424: What The Top 2% Do That You Don't Do
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#2424: What The Top 2% Do That You Don't Do

The key to success are not the things that many people taught us to do. Oftentimes, successful people don’t go with the flow. They do things that most of you are not doing, the things all of you are actually violating.

Today’s topic is what the top 2% do that you don’t do. The things I will share here are very important because they are counterintuitive to what many people teach and do to create success.

Apply the points I will share and it will do good for your business and life. Tune in now!

Show notes:
[07:34] #1 People in the top 2% focused on two or three money skills, and they offloaded everything else.
[12:59] #2 Recognize limitations and do not try to out work them.
[22:06] #3 People in the top 2% are doing the opposite of what everyone does.
[28:07] #4 People in the top 2% are investing in their advancement.
[31:21] Recap

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