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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2419: How To Look For (And Find) Shortcuts
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#2419: How To Look For (And Find) Shortcuts

Topic for today is contradictory to what I said in the past; but remember, that life is not black and white, you're no robot to just follow binary ideas.

In this topic, I will be talking about how to look for shortcuts and when you should find one. There is no right way to live or to be successful, because the advice you get from the past might not be useful for you today.

Learn to use the right information that is necessary for you at a certain point in your life. Tune in now!

Show notes:
[10:26] #1 Ask yourself, “How can I achieve the same outcome in a short period of time?”.
[18:05] #2 What stops most people from even asking the question is fear - fear of doing something different.
[26:48] #3 The secret to the shortcuts is people. Engage in learning the habits and strategies of successful people.
[31:51] Recap

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