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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2415: Activity Vs. Productivity
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#2415: Activity Vs. Productivity

Activity does not always equate to productivity. Just because you are active doesn't mean you're producing anything, or there’s any result coming in. Unfortunately, many switch up activity to productivity.

In this masterclass, I'm going to explain why being active only sucked up your time and effort. I will also share what you need to do to make a change from being busy with activities to being productive. Being productive means you prioritize the more important item that needs your attention.

Learn more about how you can be efficient and productive. Tune in now!

Show notes:
[07:25] #1 Unclear and unmeasurable goals lead to unclear processes.
[21:21] #2 The motivation is there but if your process is unclear there will be no results.
[20:22] #3 Get help and stop trying to do something that you're not an expert at.
[28:05] Recap

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