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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2414: Are You Doing Business CrossFit?
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#2414: Are You Doing Business CrossFit?

CrossFit put together all the repetitive exercises that people do to get ready and prepare for any sport and in effect turned it into the actual sport. This is exactly how hotdogs are made in the sense that hotdogs are made from the parts and scraps that come from actual meat products all mixed-up, put together and packaged as an entirely new product.

This concept works well in the world of fitness maybe, but using it as an analogy in business, doing “business crossfit” might not necessarily be good.

There are a lot of people who do CrossFit in business, that is why nothing actually happens.

Tune in and find out if you are doing business crossfit, so you can avoid it.

Show notes:
[13:10] #1 CrossFit took the means and made it the end.
[15:38] #2 CrossFit is a brilliant business idea but not the CrossFit version in business.
[19:51] #3 Are you preparing, planning and learning, but not seeing tangible results?
[21:47] #4 Hard work matters but it's not the key to success.
[24:08] Recap

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