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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2410: A Little Bit Consistently Is Better Than A Lot Randomly
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#2410: A Little Bit Consistently Is Better Than A Lot Randomly

You are your consistent behaviors, actions, thoughts, and executions. If you are not working on your actions then you can’t get the results.

Today, I will be talking about why doing little things consistently is better than doing big things randomly. This is about long term play and understanding that consistency and how much of a thing you do is more important rather than doing stuff randomly.
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Show notes:
[7:00] #1 You are what you repeatedly do.
[10:24] #2 Why is it so hard for people to do a little bit consistently?
[14:30] #3 Invest in getting the right information from the right people.
[17:16] Recap

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