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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2400: Framing In Conversations: The Understandings [1/2]
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#2400: Framing In Conversations: The Understandings [1/2]

Kyrie Irving, Kanye West, and Colin Kaepernick have one thing in common - they all get backlash and labeled as anti semitic because of the certain topic they share on their platform. They fail to hold the frame in the conversation that leaves the frame open to be shifted by people who take the worst possible interpretation of their actions and words, then use those interpretations against them.

Today, we will talk about framing and conversations, why it matters and how to keep control of your own frame, especially when you're talking about a subject that possibly upset or disturb the people who you're talking to.

Listen and understand how framing in conversation works!

Show notes:
[11:05] #1 Framing is simply choosing the terrain and setting the tone for a conversation.
[16:08] #2 Framing is important because it allows you to choose the grounds upon which a conversation is taking place.
[23:59] #3 Passive aggression is a common tactic that people use in conversations simply because most people are not comfortable with direct frontal engagement.
[25:30] Recap

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