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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#24: Why An Athlete Needs Non – Athlete Skills For Life [WOYG Podcast]
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#24: Why An Athlete Needs Non – Athlete Skills For Life [WOYG Podcast]

Life is long, athlete careers are short. Most careers are shorter than the athlete thought it would be. Yes, you know about the exceptions since they’re on TV and talked about on social media.

What you need to know are the rules and how you can be successful in life even if you happen to become part of the run and not the exception. And even if you ARE the exception, you will need some no -athlete skills for the next 50-65% of your life you’re living after sports. Are you ready for that life?

Dre’s info will help open your mind to it.

1) You may not even make it pro or stay a pro if you are one now. Then what?

2) Even if you play until 35 or 40, you have 50 more years to live — and $1 Million wont last that long!

3) A coach or trainer or analyst needs people skills to advance his cause in any area.

4) One day you’ll be a “former athlete” who the current fans never even saw play — what’s your value now?

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