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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2394: How & When To Get Better Friends
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#2394: How & When To Get Better Friends

When we are on a journey of improvement, there are only a few people that we can consider real friends. Sometimes the people who we were with 10 years ago are not the same people we need right now. We need real friends who are just a call away and can help us to level up.

Today’s topic is about finding better and quality people, and when to go looking for them. You need better people in your circle in order to improve and level up your game.
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Show notes:
[06:16] #1 Look at the people around you in response to your circumstances.
[09:00] #2 You need people who you can learn from and also who can learn from you.
[14:23] #3 Get around people with whom you have to push yourself to keep up with their level, their thinking and their pace.
[17:44] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
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