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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2393: How To Win DESPITE The Factors Working Against You
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#2393: How To Win DESPITE The Factors Working Against You

It is a natural part of life that there are situations set up for you not to win. But chances are, if you’re someone who works hard, you will always move forward.

Today’s topic is about how to win despite the factors working against you. Life is not an equal deal where everybody is going to have the exact same circumstances at the exact same time. Here's what I want you to see: It is still your responsibility to win.

I will help you win. Listen now!

Show notes:
[7:23] #1 Decide that you're going to win.
[12:09] #2 Tighten up.
[18:03] #3 You are not a champion in life unless you find yourself in a situation where it looks like you'll lose and yet you win.
[22:41] Recap

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