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#2389: Tighten Up!

Maps help us to get to our destination. The good thing about a map is even when we get off of our route we can still come back and check what has gone wrong, then we can get to our destination. This is exactly how systems and processes tell us how to get back on track.

I'm going to share with you here today, the ways of how I handle things when I find myself not executing my own process for whatever reason.

Show notes:
[9:04] #1 Make sure you have systems and processes in place instead of resolving to work harder to get the results you want.
[19:19] #2 Make rules of conduct for yourself and abide by them.
[21:25] #3 Prioritize your big dominoes.
[25:11] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
2097: Standards STILL Matter 
2328: How To Get Out Of "Tactical Hell" 

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